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Cost of In-house Testing for Veterinary Diseases vs Cost of Send Out Laboratory Testing

30 Mar 2017BY safepathIN Education CATEGORY WITH 0 COMMENTS

Cost of In-house Testing for Veterinary Diseases vs Cost of Send Out Laboratory Testing

Does your veterinary practice test in-house for common animal diseases like canine heartworm or parvovirus? If not, it might be time to give this option a second look! Rapid in-house lateral flow assays like the SafePath® ZippTest® Canine Heartworm Test Kit and SafePath® ZippTest® Canine Parvovirus Test Kit have proven to be just as accurate as laboratory testing and offer a slew of other benefits.

These tests provide results in less than 15 minutes, helping you diagnose and treat your patients as quickly as possible. This quick turnaround time will also keep your human clients happy, getting them answers fast and reducing their anxiety about their pets. And by being able to see the results with their own eyes instead of just hearing them over the phone, clients may be more willing to comply with – and pay for – your recommendations for treatment.

In addition to being fast, in-house lateral flow assays are easy to run and require no equipment and only minimal training.  Simply bring the test to room temperature, apply a few drops to the test window on the device (the kits even include pipettes), and wait for the results!

Rapid in-house testing also cuts out the need to package and ship samples to an outside laboratory, chase down results, and call patients to report and discuss those results. In other words, they’ll save you and your staff time.

Which brings us to another enormous benefit that rapid in-house tests can bring to your practice – the cost savings. Simply put, in-house testing is cheaper.

Let’s break it down:

  Canine Heartworm Canine Parvo
Outside Laboratory Testing $10-12 per test $45 per test
In-House Testing $2 per test $9.50 per test
Cost Savings to test 30 dogs using in-house testing ~75% ~79%


Using rapid in-house testing for common animal diseases will let you make more per client visit while still providing your patients with the best care possible. Your veterinary practice is your passion, but it’s also your livelihood. In-house testing can help it flourish as both.