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The SafePath team is thrilled to announce the latest addition to its line of veterinary test kit products – the SafePath® ZippTest® Giardia Antigen Test Kit Lateral Flow Assay. This new giardia diagnostic test kit quickly and accurately detects giardia antigens in canine stool samples. The test provides rapid results –in 10 minutes. Rapid-response testing […]

The use of polymerase chain reaction (PCR) assays to diagnose veterinary diseases is an exciting new development in the world of veterinary medicine. By amplifying the genetic material of a specific infectious agent that is found in an animal’s stool or blood sample, PCR assays can catch infectious diseases much sooner than traditional testing methods. […]

For many of the 2 million Americans who own horses, animals are a part of the family. And just like human family members should see their doctors regularly for preventative check-ups, horses need preventive care, too. Regularly scheduled veterinary laboratory testing is vital to horses’ health and safety. In addition to official check-ups, there are […]

Heartworm ranks as one of the most common, and most dangerous, parasitic infections in dogs and cats. While easily prevented, heartworms can be difficult and expensive to cure once your pet becomes infected. Unfortunately, many pet owners misunderstand how dogs and cats get heartworm, leading to improper heartworm testing and prevention. Here are a few […]

Whether you’re new to medical device diagnostics manufacturing or are looking to scale up production of your current product line, contract manufacturing is an option you may well have considered, and for good reason. Outsourcing your manufacturing processes, or even your R&D process, to a contract manufacturer can benefit your company in a number of […]

Autumn can be a great season for dogs and dog owners alike, but there are also some important health risks to be aware of during this time of year. To make sure your canine companion stays safe and happy this fall, read on to learn how to reduce the risk of five common autumn health […]

As the weather heats up, dog owners and their pets will be headed outside to the beaches and the mountains, to backyard bbqs and family camping trips. We want you and your pet to safely enjoy the “dog days of summer” for years to come, so here are a few common summertime health risks for […]

With spring upon us, dogs and dog owners are headed back outside. However, along with warmer weather and longer days, spring also brings some health risks for dogs. Here are five common springtime canine health risks to be aware of. Fleas, ticks, and other pests Your dog may be loving the warmer temperatures and more […]

Around 3.9 million dogs and 3.4 million cats end up in shelters across America each year. Luckily, adopting shelter pets is becoming more and more popular. According to the ASPCA, around 1.4 million shelter dogs and 1.3 million shelter cats are adopted each year. October marked the American Humane Society’s annual Adopt-a-Dog month®, which encourages […]

With more and more people turning to natural remedies for both themselves and their pets, many dog owners are calling into question the need for an annual canine flu vaccine. So does your dog really need the vaccine? And what should vets tell their clients to help them make an informed decision? First, it’s important […]