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What is a ZIPPTest®?

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What is a ZIPPTest®?

We get a lot of inquiries about the SafePath® ZIPPTests® – what they are, how they work, and how they can help veterinarians with their clinical diagnostic needs. Here’s what you should know about the SafePath® ZIPPTests®.

ZIPPTests® are rapid-response assays that detect antigens in a serum, plasma, blood or stool sample. “Rapid-response” means they deliver results in around 10 minutes, making them a convenient in-house testing option for veterinarians who want a quick turnaround. The assays use sensitized gold particles that bind to antigens in the animal’s blood or stool and accumulate in a band on the test strip. This band can be seen with the naked eye, allowing veterinary staff to easily tell whether or not the antigen is present. ZIPPTests® test strips also include a second “control line”, which gives you peace of mind that the test has been performed correctly. Currently, SafePath® manufactures ZIPPTests® to detect canine parvovirus and canine heartworm antigen, with additional assays also under development.

ZIPPTests® are easy to use and don’t require any specialized technical training. Simple-to-follow instructions are included with each test to walk your staff step-by-step through the testing procedure. The kits also include everything you need to run the test – transfer pipets, chase or dilution buffer, and swabs (as needed).  All you need to provide is the sample!

All ZIPPTests® are developed and manufactured in a USDA-licensed facility and are compliant with all applicable USDA requirements. (Also read: USDA Permittee). SafePath® is a family-owned company located in Carlsbad, California in North San Diego County. We take pride in the fact that our products are made in America by qualified, experienced technical staff. SafePath® ZIPPTests® are available through our distributor, Centaur Animal Health, a Kansas City-based distributor and manufacturer of diagnostic, pharmaceutical, and nutraceutical products.

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